About TV

Why television advertising works

The simple reason that television advertising works is because kiwis love watching television.  Each and every day, nearly 3 million of us spend on average 3 hours and 22 minutes tuned to our favourite shows. To find out more, click here.

How TV compares with other media

Television continues to outstrip other mediums when it comes to measuring how much time consumers spend with media and in 2010 saw even further growth while other media declined. This has to be good news for advertisers who are concerned with return on investment . Click here to read more about the latest market reports from 2010.

Compelling case studies

Increased sales, improved brand equity and category leadership – click here to read how local and overseas advertisers achieved these results through television advertising in 2010.

The business of television

Have you ever wondered how television viewing is measured and why it’s the most accountable medium in New Zealand?  Click here to find out how TV ratings work, the history of TV and everything else you need to know about the television industry.