Why TV advertising works

The reason it works is because Kiwis enjoy watching television. Each and every day over 3 million of us spend an average 3 hours and 4 minutes tuned to our favourite shows. Television sets are in 98% of all homes with over half of all households having more than one.

This enduring love affair provides advertisers with a uniquely powerful tool for building brands and selling products.

Television delivers unrivaled reach

Television reached 72% of New Zealanders 5+ every day, and 95% of New Zealanders on a monthly basis (Source: Nielsen TAM). See  key viewing statistics.

In 2014 New Zealanders spent an average of 184 minutes of every day watching television.

Television is measurable and accountable

Every dollar spent on TV advertising can be measured in terms of reach and frequency against key consumer target audiences.

Every hour of every day throughout the year is measured by the Nielsen TAM service. A Panel of 600 homes, or about 1500 people 5 year+, is polled every day to capture their actual viewing behaviour. Since January 2011 this has also included time shifted viewing (or TSV) to providing even more accountability.

Proof that television advertising works

The evidence from advertisers and academic institutions alike is that television advertising remains at the heart of advertising effectiveness. There is now little doubt that it works for brand advertisers and it works for retail advertisers.