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TVNZ and Kiwibank partner on new primetime series

New Zealand’s best known psychologist returns to our screens next month with an entertaining look at our relationship with money in TVNZ’s brand new local series, Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta.

Fully funded by Kiwibank, Mind Over Money upends the assumptions we make about our behaviour with money and explores our spending, splurging and saving habits. The six half hour episode series airs Mondays on TVNZ 1 from 13 February at 8pm and will stream on TVNZ OnDemand.

Viewers can look forward to another accessible and insightful primetime factual series from Nigel Latta on a topic everyone relates to, says TVNZ’s Director of Content, Jeff Latch.

“Our viewers are constantly intrigued with ‘why we do the things we do’ stories so we added a subject common to us all – money – and set Nigel Latta and his team at Ruckus to the task of finding answers in his own inimitable left field style,” says Jeff Latch.

“Mind Over Money is the entertaining and enlightening result. It’s been wonderfully rich pickings because we’re using our stone age brains which were never designed to deal with complex abstract decisions about money. Is it any wonder it can go pear-shaped for so many of us,” he says.

Wanting to help more New Zealanders make better decisions with their money, Kiwibank approached TVNZ with the idea of creating a new primetime series. The bank and broadcaster developed the production over a year with Ruckus Media.

The resulting series promises not to nag viewers about saving or opening a cheque account – instead it delves deeper into the psychology of money and shares simple life hacks to making better financial decisions.

Viewers can preview the new series with TVNZ Blacksand’s promo now screening across TVNZ assets. Watch video

Helping New Zealanders make better financial decisions is at the heart of Kiwibank’s business says Kiwibank’s Chief Executive Paul Brock.

“Our people do this everyday in their conversations with their customers, and what excites us about Mind Over Money is the chance to get all New Zealanders thinking about their relationship with money, the impact that has on their lives, how we can all train ourselves to handle our money better. We took the idea to TVNZ because we knew there was a bigger conversation to be had about money, and who better to unpick the psychology of it all than Nigel Latta?”

Launching in February to coincide with the show’s premiere, Kiwibank’s Mind Over Money website,, will support viewers spurred into action with helpful resources and inspiration, and fun features like a money quiz that will enable people to compare their results with other people.

A major integrated campaign produced by Kiwibank’s creative agency Assignment and media agency OMD rolls out in February, with TVCs, promotion in branches and an internal staff campaign across New Zealand.

TVNZ’s Commercial Director Paul Maher says the project is a first of its kind.

“Together with our good friends Kiwibank and Ruckus we’ve created an original primetime series with broad appeal that delivers on everyone’s objectives, from the viewer through to the partner. Kiwibank have set out to spark a national conversation about money in their customary innovative way – engaging the big audiences drawn to primetime TV with a big idea that can be explored in loads of engaging ways across a range of channels.

“It’s unprecedented to have a partner commit to a major production in the way Kiwibank has with Mind Over Money – it’s a great model that we’re keen to see other brands adopt.”

Mind Over Money is produced by Ruckus Media in partnership with Kiwibank and TVNZ.