The Benchmark Series: Cross Platform Effects

The results across the first four phases of The Benchmark Series have consistently demonstrated that the superior screen coverage and viewability of TV drives greater attention and delivers higher sales impact than social video, irrespective of device.

While it is important to understand the relative effectiveness of the major video platforms, we know that advertisers rarely invest their entire media budget into just one channel.

So, for Phase Five of The Benchmark Series, ThinkTV commissioned Professor Karen Nelson-Field and the team from the Centre for Amplified Intelligence, to build on all the previous learnings from the Benchmark Study by investigating cross platform effects.  The research revealed that for advertisers who run their advertising on TV and wish to extend their campaign into online video, advertising on TV with Broadcaster VOD (BVOD) generates more than twice the sales impact of brands that combine linear TV with social video platforms.

Professor Nelson-Field found TV plus BVOD has twice the sales impact of TV plus Facebook, and the TV plus BVOD combination had 2.4 times the sales impact of TV combined with YouTube.

The results clearly show that TV’s superior attention, coverage and viewability, regardless of screen, makes TV plus BVOD the most effective video advertising combination.

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