How to Advertise on TV

If you’re new to TV advertising, you’ll find a broad overview here of things to think about. If you want to find out more or do a deep dive into the technical details, you’ll find our Help Centre super handy.

4 benefits of TV advertising:

More Choice Than Ever

You can now chose between BVOD, Linear TV, or both.


Networks tailor packages to your goals.


TV is regulated meaning it is a space you can trust.


If you require assistance to create a TV commercial the networks are happy to help.

Things to think about if you’re just getting started

More Choice Than Ever

Advertisers have the choice of advertising on Linear TV, Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) or both. With so many new options, getting on TV is becoming more accessible and cost effective, for advertisers of all sizes. You should think about which platforms might be best for your needs.

Tailored to Your Goals

When choosing TV advertising and planning campaigns, every brand will have different goals and objectives. Networks recognise this and design suitable packages that are tailored to meet a brand’s targets and expectations. Being able to clearly articulate your campaign objectives, target audience and commercial goals will help networks to build the best package for you.

Regulated and Trusted

TV is a highly regulated form of advertising, which means that your advertisement will always appear in a brand-safe environment that consumers trust. Brand safety is an extremely important consideration for all forms of advertising. You can learn more about how TV is regulated to keep your brand safe, continue reading this page.

Content for all

We know TV is a great medium to share your message, but if you're just getting started you may be wondering how to create an ad at all. If you require assistance to create a TV commercial or you want to repurpose existing creative for TV, the networks are happy to help and can provide options to suit all budgets. For contact information you can email us at and we'll be happy to connect you.

Keeping broadcast TV safe for New Zealanders

There are key organisations responsible for setting and maintaining New Zealand broadcasting standards and regulating TV commercials. These bodies ensure that TV is safe for viewers and a safe environment for brands.

Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA)

TV is regulated by the BSA, which oversees and promotes broadcasting standards on behalf of New Zealanders. Read more here.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

The ASA self-regulate advertising in New Zealand. Their job is to make sure that “Every ad is a responsible ad”. Read more here.

Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB)

Every TV advertisement needs to be approved and rated by the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB). Read more here.

What makes popular and effective TV advertisements?

Read about the our Top 10 Favourite Ads project and what we've learned from our regular research. Read more here.