Why TV?

TV is better at engaging audiences than most other channels and, better engagement means better results.

Smart brands know why to choose TV. With better engaged audiences delivering better results, TV advertising really is a no brainer. With premium, professionally produced content, television commands highly engaged viewers in an environment that’s safe for brands. TV advertising works. It builds fame and reputation for brands like no other medium and is proven to be more effective than other video platforms.

The definition of TV is evolving. Today, it’s not just live TV or the big screen sitting in the lounge. Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) means New Zealanders have more viewing options than ever before. Networks are continuously innovating to create new, exciting and effective ways to connect with engaged audiences.  There are solutions to suit all advertisers and budgets.

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Why TV?

TV builds brands

TV builds brand fame, reputation and awareness like no other medium.

TV is engaging

TV is the ideal environment for powerful advertising that connects emotionally with people, which is proven to drive better business results.

TV is brand safe

Professionally produced, curated content creates an environment for advertisers that is safe and trusted for brands.

TV delivers results

TV is proven to be more effective than other video platforms for short and long-term results.

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