TV ads kiwis love

We want to help marketers and their agencies get the best out of their advertising investment by connecting them with research and insights that demonstrate what drives campaign effectiveness and ultimately the best commercial returns.

Here you'll find the latest survey results and list rankings plus a full set of learnings that we've gathered from throughout the year.

TV advertising plays a critical role in reaching and engaging consumers. But making the right media choice is only part of the puzzle. The data tells us that it is just as important to make great creative choices, but it is so much harder to quantify what makes a great creative execution.

That’s why we work with TRA to regularly identify New Zealand’s favourite TVCs. Our survey asks a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 people the unprompted question; “What is your favourite ad on TV at the moment?”. The most frequently mentioned favourites make up our top ten 10 list.

Each survey we look for key insights and learnings that can help us better understand what makes a TVC loved by audiences and effective for brands so that marketers can apply those learnings to their own campaigns.

What we've learned.

Looking at the TV ads that regularly appear on the top 10 list we have identified five key principles that strongly contribute to creating popular and effective work.

Recently we held an event where Lloyd Thomason, Communication and Brand Strategist from TRA, shared key learnings and insights that we've gathered through the year and announced the full list of favourite ads for 2022.

Check out the latest survey results to see which ads New Zealanders love.