Why Connected TV delivers more for advertisers

Connected TV (CTV) is a highly effective, highly measurable way to get your marketing messages out there. It allows you to deliver creative, relevant ads to your audience in a big screen environment.

So what is CTV?
Connected TV or CTV describes the ways we access streaming services, such as an internet enabled television or Smart TV, along with over-the-top (OTT) devices like Chromecast, Apple TV and gaming consoles.

Why should we be excited about it?
CTV gives you access to dynamic and highly targeted ad delivery on Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) platforms. As we know, BVOD is a high quality, trusted and brand safe environment, which means your audience is primed to receive your message.

With 50% of households owning Smart TVs, CTV is how more New Zealanders are accessing BVOD. Gone are the days of watching your favourite shows on a tiny screen – digitally-delivered content now has the same professional production quality experience as linear TV.

BVOD audiences are growing and that means TV advertising opportunities are growing too; enabling one-to-one targeting on a big screen, thanks to CTV.

How does it deliver?
CTV and BVOD offer so much for advertisers. Here are the highlights;

  • A bigger screen means a more engaging experience for your content

  • It also means increased co-viewing, extending the reach of your campaigns

  • Increased targeting opportunities builds relevance with segments and even individuals, that you can easily track

  • It’s digital media with unskippable ads with 100% viewability

  • BVOD has a significantly stronger memory recall rate than other digital video advertising

  • It offers more creative opportunities and is highly cost effective, which means more bang for your buck.

Give me the numbers:

  • CTV: Over the last two years, the numbers of Kiwis who have a Smart TV has grown by 28%.1

  • BVOD: Kiwis are engaging more with NZ BVOD platforms; now 1.5 million New Zealanders every week.2

  • OD & CTV: CTV remains the preferred way New Zealanders are watching BVOD ; 66% of streams in January 2022 across TVNZ OnDemand and ThreeNow.3

  • Co-Viewing: NZ BVOD platforms have a higher rate of co-viewing than other video platforms.4

  • Recall: Ads in BVOD have stronger memory recall – from 1.3 to 4.7 times – than other digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and run-of-internet.5

  • Completion: With a 98% completion rate, BVOD ads are more likely to be viewed to the end.6

What are the opportunities?
CTV offers advertisers smarter ad placement and bigger audiences. It also offers greater creativity and engagement possibilities for your message. There are so many options from extending the life of your audio visual assets to creating bespoke video or static ‘on pause’ billboard screens.

Check out these examples of advertisers who are embracing CTV advertising opportunities.

Streaming meters are on the way!
The arrival of streaming meters later in 2022 will give us even more insight into how audiences are engaging with broadcaster on demand content.

Want to know more?
If you’d like to learn more about Connected TV and how it can deliver for you, contact us at thinktv@thinktv.co.nz

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