Episode 9: An Interview with Bob Hoffman

04 May 2023

ThinkTV was honoured to recently host Bob Hoffman here in Aotearoa where he provided a thought-provoking keynote presentation at Q Theatre.  He spoke around his views on the Advertising landscape across the last 10 years, what he refers to as “The Decade of Delusion”.

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Perspectives: An Interview with Bob Hoffman:

While Bob was here, we took the opportunity to have the wonderful Miriama Kamo interview him for our latest Perspectives Series.

In this episode you will hear Bob share his thoughts on the advertising environment and challenges we all now face on a daily basis. He covers everything from the impact of social media to understanding the need to see marketing as an investment rather than a cost and even the impact of AI.

Short on time? Take a look at some snippets of the full video below

How to protect brands and building long term vs short-term results

Attention and AI

Talking TV and effective marketing

Bob’s key learnings and final thoughts